Correct use of disposable toilet seat paper

Alotofpeoplewonderhowtousethetoiletseatpadpaper?Hereweintroducethedisposabletoiletseatreferstothecorrectmethodofuse: 1.Firstofall,takeoutapieceofcartonpapertoiletseat,accordingtothefoldingwayofreverseswing,launchedafterwillseegenerallyisarectanglepaper,thejunctionoftheintermediatepartisnotsplit,pleasefindthejoinpoint,andcuttheadhesionareatotheleft,right,front. 2.Theprocessinggoodseatcushionpaperflatoutonthetoiletsitlavatorywasher,tearsmallpiecesofarcbetweennaturalfellintothewater.Atthatpointcanbetoilet,madeofhigh-qualityimportedpurewoodpulppaper,transparentpureandfineafterhightemperaturedisinfection,safeenvironmentalprotection.Finishedwithinstantsolubleinwater,non-cloggingtoilet,health,skinisnotdirectcontactwiththetoilet,avoiddiseasecausedbysharingatoilet,haveverygoodeffectofbacteriaisolation,avoiddirectcontactwithhumanbodyskinsittoiletringcausedbythepsychologicaldiscomfort.Convenientandsafe,thepackagingisconcise,easytocarry,suitablefortravel,business,etc.,theeffectiveisolationtoiletsitaround,preventthetoiletcrossinfectionofvariousdiseases,skindiseases,infectiousdiseases,totakecareofyourhealth.Canbeusedinthefamily,theplane,highiron,tourism,hotelsandotherplaces. 3.Afterusingthetoilet,willcushionpaperthrownintothetoilet,thewaterwashedaway. Scopeofapplication:officebuildings,factories,airport,shoppingmall,hotel,restaurantcontourflowofcrowdthebathroom.

A lot of people wonder how to use the toilet seat pad paper? Here we introduce the disposable toilet seat refers to the correct method of use:
1. First of all, take out a piece of carton paper toilet seat, according to the folding way of reverse swing, launched after will see generally is a rectangle paper, the junction of the intermediate part is not split, please find the join point, and cut the adhesion area to the left, right, front.
2. The processing good seat cushion paper flat out on the toilet sit lavatory washer, tear small pieces of arc between natural fell into the water. At that point can be toilet, made of high-quality imported pure wood pulp paper, transparent pure and fine after high temperature disinfection, safe environmental protection. Finished with instant soluble in water, non-clogging toilet, health, skin is not direct contact with the toilet, avoid disease caused by sharing a toilet, have very good effect of bacteria isolation, avoid direct contact with human body skin sit toilet ring caused by the psychological discomfort. Convenient and safe, the packaging is concise, easy to carry, suitable for travel, business, etc., the effective isolation toilet sit around, prevent the toilet cross infection of various diseases, skin diseases, infectious diseases, to take care of your health. Can be used in the family, the plane, high iron, tourism, hotels and other places.
3. After using the toilet, will cushion paper thrown into the toilet, the water washed away.
Scope of application: office buildings, factories, airport, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant contour flow of crowd the bathroom.

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